Nerve Blocks

Nerve Block Therapy in Columbia, SC
At Midlands Physical Medicine, our main goal is to alleviate your pain as quickly and effectively as possible. Relieving patients of pain ensures our physical medicine specialists are able to help your body fully recover from chronic conditions and injury.

Patients living with chronic conditions may need to receive immediate pain relief. In these situations, the experts at Midlands Physical Medicine offer nerve blocks to temporarily manage painful symptoms. A nerve block refers generally to the injection of a local anesthesia into or near a nerve. The anesthesia stops the production of pain in the damaged and inflamed area.

Our professionals offer nerve blocks to patients suffering from a variety of painful conditions:
• Low back pain
• Osteoarthritis (spinal)
• Spinal stenosis
• Disc herniations
• Peripheral neuropathy

After a thorough examination to assess your condition, our professionals may suggest a single nerve block treatment or a series of injections over a course of time. We will work diligently to create a treatment plan specific to your needs.

At Midlands Physical Medicine we perform three kinds of nerve block procedures:
• Piriformis Nerve Blocks
• Medial Branch Nerve Blocks
• S-I Joint (Sacro-Iliac) Nerve Blocks

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